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Sulfen Southern

RightLine® SULFEN SOUTHERN: formulated as a flowable (suspension concentrate) containing imazethapyr and sulfentrazone. RightLine® SULFEN SOUTHERN may be used in the following turf areas: golf fairways and roughs, residential, commercial, institutional lawns, sod farms, and athletic fields.


  • Now labelled for St Augustine Turf.
  • Now includes Control of Doveweed and Suppression of Virginia Buttonweed.
  • Labeled for Warm Season Turfgrass, excluding Seashore Paspalum.
  • Visible results in 24 hours.
  • Expanded label includes both Pre and Post emergent applications.
  • Dual modes of action, absorbed by the roots and foliar.
  • Superior control of Sedges and Kyllinga and enhanced efficacy of Purple Nutsedge.
  • Provides Dallisgrass suppression.
  • No need for an added surfactant.
  • Caution Signal-Word.
  • Convenient 64 oz packaging.


1 gallon bottle


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