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ATP chemistry

Building the Energy

Having the proper mix of Phosphorus and Potassium with the correct Micros will create ATP molecules or Adenosine Tri Phosphate. ATP is the Energy Currency within your plant, and building a good founding of ATP is essential for plant growth and longevity.

By purchasing four buckets of PRO NPK 5-10-10 and one bucket of water soluble, you will receive a free Bluetooth meat thermometer made by Meater+.

meater +

This purchase is meant to provide the right amount of Phosphorus and Potassium for four weekly applications on 3 acres of green. With TSS normal rates, you can get a months worth of PK and micros for under $1000

Limit one per customer, order must be place between March 1 to April 30th 2024**

We cannot stress the importance of energy building enough, especially with the volatility of temperatures. The root system stores all available Carbohydrates for use in spring emergence at 63° Fahrenheit (warm season grass). With the temps being well above one day and well below another, your plant can very easily burn all of its carbohydrates, thus making the importance of energy building crucial to plant development.

energy burn pic
energy burn pic
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