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Rightline Loyalty 10XT

RightLine LOYALTY™ 10XT is a premium yellow nutsedge and green kyllinga control product. This formulation works by contact and residual activity and is absorbed by the shoots, roots, and foliage. RightLine LOYALTY 10XT can be used in established turf areas including, but not limited to, residential, commercial and institutional lawns, athletic fields, commercial sod farms, golf course fairways and golf course roughs and other non-crop sites such as railroad rights-ofway,highway, roadside, pipeline and utility rights-of-way, industrial areas, and fence rows.


  • Low use rates
  •  Labeled for both Cool and Warm Season Turf
  • Absorbed through the shoots, foliage, and roots of the plant
  • Provides increased tuber mortality to help reduce future populations
  • Tank-mix compatible with most herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides
  •  Post-emergent control is optimized when adequate soil moisture is present
  • Caution Signal Word
  • Packaged in 60 oz containers


60 ounce bottle


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