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RightLine™ PRONAMIDE 3.3 SC* provides excellent pre-emergent and some post emergent control of a variety of weeds commonly found in warm season turfgrass. The product is known for its ability to control the weed, Annual Bluegrass (Poa Annua) in warm season turfgrass stands. As an alternative to sulfonylurea products, RightLine™ PRONAMIDE 3.3 SC* provides a different herbicide class active ingredient to help break the weeds’ resistance to sulfonylurea herbicides. The highly concentrated Suspension Concentrate formulation allows for low odor and tank mix flexibility.


  • Broad spectrum weed control on direct contact as well as additional extended weed control through residual product in soil
  • Rotational chemistry to break the resistance commonly seen with sulfonylurea products
  • Tank mix flexibility for easy use with other herbicides
  • Available in 4 x 1 gal. containers
  • Always read and follow the product label


1 gallon bottle


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