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Persist Ultra

Persist Ultra is a unique methylated canola oil and surfactant blend that optimizes crop protection performance and mixing characteristics with a wider range of tank-mix partners than ordinary methylated seed oils or crop oils.Persist Ultra has been proven to outperform ordinary methylated seed oils in enhancing the biological performance of Kixor® herbicide technology and certain HPPD inhibitors, such as Laudis® and Impact®, on hard-to-control weed species.

Features and Benefits

  • Improves pesticide performance over ordinary MSO's and COC's
  • Less leaf burn and crop stress
  • Won't deteriorate sprayer hoses or check valves
  • Won't settle out overnight in spray tanks
  • Manufacturer approved adjuvant
  • Freeze/thaw stable for easy storage


2.5 gallon bottle

5 gallon case


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