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Nimitz Pro G

NIMITZ® Pro G, powered by Fluensulfone, is a novel nematicide developed globally by ADAMA and Control Solutions for the Quali-Pro brand. No other plant protection product has the same mode of action or ability to deliver a higher level of efficacy from a single application program. For warm season turf only, per label.


  • CAUTION Signal Word and Minimal PPE
  • Truly systemic: xylem and phloem-mobile
  • Half-life of 11-22 days, depending upon environmental conditions
  • Activity up to 45 days from a single application
  • No enhanced microbial degradation
  • Kills both ecto- and endo-parasitic nematodes on contact within 48 hours including: Lance, Sting, Lesion, and Root Knot
  • No re-entry interval (REI)
  • No buffer zones
  • Does not harm honeybees
  • Can be easily applied by a rotary spreader


40 pound pail



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