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The Right Product for Uncompromising Control of Sting, Root-Knot and Lance Nematode Species. For Use on Greens, Tees and Fairways of all Types of Golf Course Turf and Professional and Collegiate Sports Fields


  • Flexible application rates and more affordable cost per acre than other products.
  • Protect roots from nematode damage and drought.
  • Tank mix compatible with soil applied fungicides to control both Nematodes as well as turf Diseases and Stress.
  • Apply with standard application equipment.
  • Re-entry is permitted immediately after the spray has dried.
  • Turf should be wet prior to application, and a wetting agent and surfactant should be tank-mixed with RightLine NEMAMECTIN™ 0.7 SC. See label for full application details.
  • Label amended to include Spot Treatments on Golf Courses (see label for details).


1 gallon bottle


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