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Erase is a powerful spray system cleaner that exceeds the capabilities of ordinary tank cleaners. Erase emulsifies oily residues in sprayer lines and hoses while elevating rinsate pH to degrade vulnerable plant protection products. When used in conjunction with proper sprayer clean technique, Erase ensures more thorough clean-outs. Erase also is effective at removing stains left behind by pigments and dyes from sprayer and equipment surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced surfactant system that penetrates and removes dried on residues left behind from incompatible tank mixes
  • Emulsifier technology designed to solubilize oily residue build-up for easier purging of the system
  • Stronger alkalinity builders that maximize rinsate solution pH levels to rapidly accelerate the breakdown of vulnerable pesticides
  • Anti-corrosion inhibitors to protect equipment pumps, seals and plumbing


1 gallon bottle

4 gallon case


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