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ITS is dedicated to providing science based recommendations for soil and plant nutritional requirements as well as improved water performance.

Innovating your Turf every step of the way...


Our product options are provided to complete nutrient cycling by the integration of Plant derived fertilizers with no limiting factors as generally found in materials that may be salt or sulfur based synthetics.


Improving the efficiency and performance of existing programs is our dedicated direction for product development options.

With a wide range of product options for control, fertilization and tank mixing, we are a one stop shop for your turf needs. Located in the heart of North Central Texas, we aim to provide Innovative Products, Innovative Service and Innovative Results at an Innovative Price. 

Dedicated to Innovation

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Turf and Soil Solutions

Turf and Soil Solutions is dedicated to bringing the latest fertility technology to the golf and turf market.  Our products are produced using revolutionary processes and nutrient sources to create a safe, highly effective, user friendly tool for turf professionals to utilize when premium turf conditions are required. 

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