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ITS is dedicated to providing science based recommendations for soil and plant nutritional requirements as well as improved water performance. Our product options are provided to complete nutrient cycling by the integration of Plant derived fertilizers with no limiting factors as generally found in materials that may be salt or sulfur based synthetics.


Improving the efficiency and performance of existing programs is our dedicated direction for product development options.


Product integration must adhere to a responsibility for promoting soil health in all disciplines as well as improving water performance. We recognize the impacts from our changing environment, especially salinity and drought, and hold a responsible position to reduce the impact we may control.


ITS will continue to guard our responsibility to balance the essential nutritional requirements, understand the site differences, and of a greater importance, introduce the beneficial elements that will not have a limiting factor.


Balance is Key and products we offer are selected or formulated for alkaline conditions and the protection of neutral soils.


ITS is a sustainable solution based group providing a beneficial economic alternative and successfully blending all nutritional forms and/or sources.

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