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Through the incorporation of a proprietary organic acid complex Turf and Soil Solutions liquid fertilizer products are specifically formulated for alkaline soil and water conditions predominantly found in the south.  Turf and Soil Solution's products are compatible with most liquid fertilizers, insecticides and other control products.  With the inclusion of their integral "Flagship" products they offer an all-encompassing quality, yet cost effective solution to your fertility requirements.

Gorgeous turf begins with healthy, fertile soil, and Calcium Products knows soil. We’ve got over 25 years experience helping the agriculture community understand natural soil fertility, and since 2009, we’ve shared our soil science expertise with the turf industry as well. Remove salt left behind by effluent water, improve soil structure, create better waterways and break up compaction quickly with our SO4, containing the purest gypsum available on the market. Check out SO4, as well as our other great products below and see what Calcium Products can do for you.

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Custom blended liquid fertilizer for fairway application. Available in 275 gallon totes. With an analysis of 9-4-9, this custom blend is perfect for any application .

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